About Five Course Provision

Behind The Scenes

John Alvarez


Growing up in the Bay Area, it was here where Chef John first found his passion for food. He first started his journey at the age of 12 working at his Family’s restaurant as a dishwasher and self proclaimed “tortilla boy.”

At the ripe age of 12, John Alvarez, the self proclaimed “tortilla boy,” began his adventure under the tutelage of his family’s restaurant, Plaza Garibaldi. It was here that his motivation and passion for cuisine came to fruition. It wasn’t easy, but it never is for the dishwasher, John’s first real taste of Kitchen life. Every accolade earned added to the tortilla boy’s pride, and he didn’t just want to clean, he wanted to cook.

He has taken inspiration from all of the Michelin awarded chefs that he has worked closely with, building up his expertise in the art of food and expanding his skillset. These include highly renowned Two-Michelin Star “Providence” Chef Michael Cimarusti, Los Angeles, Three Michelin Star “Quince”, Chef Michael Tusk, San Francisco and One Michelin Star “Gwen”, Hollywood, CA where the restaurant specialized in full animal butchery, Primal cuts, House Made Pasta & Charcuterie.

After years of training he decided he wanted to go back to his roots and work under a chef who he took the most inspiration from growing up. Having read all of his books (Twice), watched every episode of his PBS TV series “Mexico: One Plate at a Time”, Listening to most PodCast Episodes also , John Packed his bags and traveled to Chicago, Illinois on a mission to work for Chef Rick Bayless. He did just that. Having spent 2 years under the tutelage of Chef Rick Bayless “Lena Brava”, this is where John learned the art of Modern Mole’s, Vibrant Salsas, Wood Fire Cooking & Classic Mexican Pastries.

Eric Rubio

Chef / Co-founder

A San Jose native, Chef Eric discovered his passion for food and cooking at an early age. Being a first generation Mexican-American, sad to say, came with a handful of challenges. Standing in line at food banks after school and financial struggles. Brought a great appreciation for food and the art of cooking. At the age of 10, Eric was writing menus and waking up early to watch “Great Chefs” on PBS. Watching chefs such as Martin Yan, Eric Ripert, & Jamie Oliver only solidified in Erics mind that he wants to be a chef.

After graduating from high school, Eric attended the Mission College Hospitality Managment Program. By good fortune, that is where Eric and John first crossed paths. He then went on to hone his skills at many fine-dining establishment throught the South Bay. He started out in San Jose working at the Silver Creek Country Club as well as, Black Sheep Brasserie. Eric then went on to work at Michelin Starred Chez Tj, Mountain View, California for 3 years. Then at the age of 23, Eric obtained his first Sous-Chef job at The Lexington House in Los Gatos. After Los Gatos, Eric went back to Mountain View to work at The Emerald Hour and helped open Broma, both restaurants inside the Sashi Hotel. Eric Rubio is now the Chef & Co-Founder of “Five Course Provision”


Diana Dorsie

Event Planner, Design & Coordinator

Diana has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and spent several years as an educator in the Berkeley Unified School District. She believes education is important and although she’s curated hundreds of events, she decided to take her experience even further, by becoming a Certified Event Planner.

Diana is recognized within the event industry for her calm and pleasant demeanor. Her goal is not only for clients to enjoy the planning and day-of experience but also, for all vendors involved to enjoy the process as well. Her “eagle eye” attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond, is what makes planning an event with Diana such a delight!

Alfredo Alvarez

Sales | F & B Director

Alfredo Alvarez has always had the drive to be the very best at everything he puts his dedication into. At a very young age, business, especially the hospitality industry was something he had a strong passion for. Traveling around Europe and Mexico experiencing the best cuisines the world had to offer he decided to partner up with his sister and start a full service Mexican restaurant called Plaza Garibaldi.

Over the year’s the restaurant flourished and became well recognized throughout the San Jose community in heart of the Bay Area. The success of the restaurant would eventually lead to the purchase a venue which established the catering division of the business.

He has helped restaurants design their menus, architecture and put together full staffs to get the doors opened and ready for the 1st days of business.

Alfredo has catered thousands of events throughout his career working with celebrities, CEO’s, business owners, politicians, families, couples etc. to help create memorable events for them. He has the skills and patience to execute any type of event whether it a small wedding or a large corporate event you can rest assured that I will make everything perfect for you.

Pedro Tejedor Bernabe

Sous Chef
Pedro was born in Puebla, Mexico. Some of Pedro’s most cherished memories as a kid were watching his grandmother make mole. From toasting seeds, nuts, and chilies, to even adding plantains, apples, and animal crackers, he found it fascinating how all these flavors worked harmoniously together yet still balanced out the flavors of his grandmother’s mole. It was here where Pedro took an interest in culinary arts. Upon Pedro’s arrival to the US, his first job was as a porter at a local Bay Area restaurant. He then moved up as a line cook and has gained many skills in the culinary field since. Pedro shares a great passion and care for the hospitality industry.

Rafa Cardenas

Research & Development Chef

Chef Rafa Cardenas was born and raised in Silicon Valley. After Graduating High School Rafa Attended Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco, CA. It was here where Rafa fell in Love with Freshly Baked Bread and Hand Rolled Pasta. Since Then Rafa has Spent Time Working under the tutelage of Chef Jeffery Stout (Orchard City Kitchen) & Chef Jarad Gallagher (Chez TJ). On his free time, Chef Rafa Enjoys spending time at the Mountain View Farmers Market in search of peak produce. He also enjoys fishing for sustainable Fish.